About us

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Our Work

FIDA Lesotho carries out its mandate through Advocacy, Empowerment, Education and Strategic Litigation. FIDA Lesotho is a non-profit, non-political, voluntary association of women called to the practice of law in Lesotho. FIDA Lesotho’s primary role is to protect, promote and preserve the rights of women and children in Lesotho. Its core values are transparency, accountability, teamwork, integrity, mutual respect, commitment, service and we are non-partisan. 

Our Vision

A just, peaceful and equitable Lesotho society where women and children’s rights, interests are guaranteed, in which they have the freedom to choose and live their own future.

Our Mission

FIDA Lesotho’s mission is to promote, protect and preserve the rights, interests and well-being of women and children through the use of legal framework to ensure that they live free from all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse in the society.

Our Objectives

Our main objectives are to: promote the principles and aims of the United Nations in its legal and social aspects; establish friendly international relations on a basis of equality and mutual respect for all people; promote the study of comparative law; provide advice to Government in cases relating to women and children.

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